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Travel information

It is important to be aware of rules and requirements for your upcoming trip. From tests, visas and vaccinations to entry restrictions and specific rules for some airlines. For your convenience, we have gathered useful links and tools to find the correct information. Here you can find what applies before, during and after your trip.


  • Re-open EU - a collective view of each country in the European union with regards to the health and safety in each country
  • Iata - Travel regulations map - as above, but for the whole world
  • Sweden Abroad - information from the Swedish foreign ministry and Swedish embassies 
  • UD resklar - a mobile application with location services and push notifications that keep you up to date during your trip
  • Krisinformation.se - local Swedish covid-19 related information for different Swedish regions



A collection of links to information from each respective airline


Stay updated on the following 

  • Mask requirements - if and what type of masks are mandatory for your airline and destination
  • Tests - use the links on this page to assess what types of tests you are required to take for your destination
  • Hotel - visit the webpage of your hotel to read more about their work with extra safety precautions and requirements
  • Transit - some transits and layovers have specific or separate requirements from your destination
  • Insurance - make sure your personal or corporate insurance covers your trip, specifically for covid-19 related issues
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